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Collected Editions
  • Volume 1: Life in the Big CityGo to Astro City: Life in the Big City
  • Volume 2: ConfessionGo to Astro City: Confession
  • Volume 3: Family AlbumGo to Astro City: Family Album
  • Volume 4: The Tarnished AngelGo to Astro City: The Tarnished Angel
  • Volume 5: Local HeroesGo to Astro City: Local Heroes
  • Volume 6: The Dark Age, Book OneGo to Astro City: The Dark Age, Book One: Brothers and Other Strangers
  • Volume 7: The Dark Age, Book TwoGo to Astro City: The Dark Age, Book Two: Brothers in Arms
  • Volume 8: Shining StarsGo to Astro City: Shining Stars
  • Volume 9: Through Open DoorsGo to Astro City: Through Open Doors
  • Volume 10: VictoryGo to Astro City: Victory
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