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  • Gentleman: Gentleman is a longtime ally of the Honor Guard. Appearing with the group in Astro City in it's early days he's been seen assisting them even through until the modern incarnation.
  • Winged Victory: Winged Victory is often mistaken as a member of the Honor Guard. A constant ally, Winged Victory often adventures with her lover Samaritan.
  • Confessor (Brian Kinney): The second Confessor has helped both Winged Victory and Samaritan on their adventures and has shown to be more social than his previous incarnation.
  • Bouncing Beatnik: Bouncing Beatnik first appeared with the group when it originally appeared.
  • Old Soldier: Old Soldier also appeared with the group when it originally appeared. It was through the Old Soldier's intervention that the team was able to succeed.



  • The Honor Guard has a floating base which moves to different places each month.
  • Members of the Honor Guard are known as Honor Guardsmen.


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