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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Unique Physiology: Samaritan's body was forced through a field of energy called "empyrean fire". Because of this he was afforded superhuman abilities. This energy is as ambient as time itself and sometimes affects Samaritan's body in different ways such as allowing him to visit the Closet.[1]
  • Energy Projection: Samaritan can project "empyrean" energy from his body. It appears in a manner of waves including blueish lightning, a weblike form and ambient energy.[2]
  • Flight: Samaritan flies at hypersonic speeds. It takes him mere seconds to travel around the world and even less time to travel short distances across towns or cities.[2][1]
  • Superhuman Strength: Samaritan can use his energy to supplement his strength which allows him to lift and pull heavy objects or force himself to withstand pressures of flying in and out of orbit.[2]
  • Dimensional Travel: Samaritan cannot teleport in the conventional fashion. Instead, if he relaxes completely, he can travel to a dimension called the Closet in which he stores various trophies and/or other objects.[2]



  • The true origin of Atomicus is never stated and most likely will never be exposed to ensure the mysteriousness of the character.


  • Samaritan's hair was originally brown, got turned a bright blue by the empyrean energies he was exposed to and is being bleached white for his civilian identity as Asa Martin (which may be also his birth name).[1]
  • Samaritan is also known as Big Red by some of his teammates.
  • Samaritan made a guest appearance in the non-Astro City comic book Shi/Cyblade: The Battle for Independents.


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