Quote1 What we teach women -- girls, teenagers, adults -- starts with self-defense. But it's the "self" part that's most important. We're about confidence, not hiding. Quote2
--Winged Victory[src]


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Transformation: As a civilian she is physically unremarkable and of average height; as Winged Victory, she is striking, powerful, of imposing height, and possessed of large wings. A talisman around her neck allows her to transform between her two forms.[1]
  • Enhanced Intellect: As Winged Victory, she immediately understands how to fight and use ancient weaponry. Her confidence and convictions are also byproduct of her transformation however these traits were always within her.[1]
  • Flight: Winged Victory can soar with a pair of angelic, feathered wings. She can fly fast enough for Samaritan to take account.[1] Winged Victory could also switch between what she calls "transit" flight and hovering speed.[2]
  • Superhuman Strength: Her strikes are powerful, strong enough to break through metal and concrete easily. She could also stop the tectonic-strong Warmaiden with just her sword.[2]
  • Leadership: Winged Victory has established a series of shelters and schools which give women the strength and knowledge to be confident and self assured. Her shelters became schools after she found her students becoming dependent on her.[1]
  • Weaponry: Winged Victory has an array of ancient Greek/Roman weaponry which accompany her with her transformation.[1]


  • Busiek has noted that his character was patterned after the famous Hellenistic sculpture the Winged Victory of Samothrace.[citation needed]




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